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Newbie Postgresql Connection Cluelessness in FlySpeed

Does the software really need an ADO or any other kind of 'driver' to connect to databases? If yes, please include it in the instructions or distribution to save users' time.
The tutorials only discusses what to do after successful connection to the db. How about setting up a tutorial for proper db connection first?
Maybe this is just or noobs but I think this will attract more users.

razak | email
May 11 2008, 10:41 AM
I just found out that for Postgresql, I need the PgOleDb - OLE-DB Driver or the PostgreSQL Driver linked in http://www.postgresql.org/download/

The problem with the OLE-DB driver however is that is that upon connection, I can't a single object. :( But using the odbc driver tables and columns are now visible. The proper ODBC Data Sources must be setup beforehand in Control Panel > Admnistrator Tools > Data Sources >
razak | email
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