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Database Tables and User Defined Types


We store minimal data within our database and when presenting data to the front end we process table data into user defined types (UDT) and during this process we perform calculations on data to include additional fields in the UDT. This is our method of presenting data to the front end and removes the need for queries in our backend database.

I would like to incorporate query functionality for our end users, is it possible to implement such functionality so that it can query user defined types?

Jordan | email
May 14 2008, 07:09 PM
Dear Jordan,

The current version of Active Query Builder is not able to retrieve lists of fields and methods for UDT, so your users will have to input them manually. But generally, Active Query Builder is able to parse queries that handle with UDT data. You may try to work with the component to understand if this is convenient enough for you or not.

And thank you for suggestion, we will think about this in the future versions of Active Query Builder.

Sergey Smagin
Sergey Smagin | email
7 hours, 42 mins since original post
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