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we are using the ActiveX version of the sql builder control,
we have the following problem:
we open the UDL wizard through the sql builder control, we choose a provider and we enter a valid database and we press the "test connnection" button in the UDL wizard, this works fine, the UDL wizard enable to connect to that database,
after closing the the UDL wizard we call the "RefreshMetadata()" function of the sql builder, this function throws an error, this is the error: "Data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status"
our question is: how come the UDL wizard can connect successfully to the database but the sql builder can not?
this does not happen for all the data providers


ronk | email
June 15 2008, 06:00 AM
Dear Ron,

I'm afraid that you won't receive my previous answer to your question made by e-mail. Please make sure that you indicate the right e-mail address and check your Trash/SPAM folders.

you wrote:
>we have the following error,
>Error: Data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status
>what can be the reason for this?
>the connection string that was entered was valid and was build by the UDL wizard

I suppose you use the ActiveX edition of Active Query Builder, right?

To analyze this issue, we need the following information:
1) which SQL syntax you using
2) to which server you connecting
3) used connection string
4) version of the used OLE DB provider

Sergey Smagin
Sergey Smagin | email
4 hours, 46 mins since original post

1. the sql syntak is: SqlSyntax = "2"; //auto detect
2. Oracle 9x
3. Provider=MSDAORA.1;Password=******;User ID=*******;Data
Source=kahlua.oblicore.com;Persist Security Info=True

ronk | email
20 hours, 45 mins since original post

Do you have an answer for us?
we need a solution for it as soon as possible?

ronk | email
1 day, 22 hours since original post
Dear Ron,

unfortunately I cannot reproduce this issue on our testing Oracle 10 server.

As a fast solution I can advice you using the original Oracle OLEDB provider (not MS provider for Oracle) - it is more functional and reliable, so your connection string will be:
"Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle.1;Password=****;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=****;Data Source=kahlua.oblicore.com"
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
1 day, 22 hours since original post
Dear Ron,

maybe the problem in the sequence of the calls to the provider - can you create a small test where this issue can be reproduced?
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
1 day, 23 hours since original post
Dear Ron,

can you create a small test (maybe based on one of our demos) where the problem can be reproduced and send it to us to analyze?
Or simply write a step-by-step instruction to reproduce the issue with one of our demos?

PS did you try the OraOLEDB provider?
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
2 days, 17 hours since original post
1. using the oracle oledb it does work, but we still we would like to know
why the microsoft oledb provider does not work through the sql builder
but does work through the UDL wizard.
2. I am sending you a little example(c# project) i build that simply
connects to the databases using your control, in the .rar file I am also
sending images of my problems, image1 shows that I am choosing the
microsft oledb provider. images2 shows that the UDL wizard successfully
connecs to the database. image 3 show the error I get when closing the
UDL file.
3. one more thing: after choosing the microsoft oledb provider and the
connection fails, I try to choose a different connection(that works) but
I am getting this error message "operation is not allowed when the object
is open" How can I use a different connection to aviod this error?

please send me an email address that I will be able tom send that attahced files

ronk | email
2 days, 20 hours since original post
Dear Ron,

did you receive my email address?

In the case you didn't, here is it:
skraikov at activedbsoft dot com

I am waiting for attachments.
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
3 days, 18 hours since original post
I have just sent you the mail
ronk | email
3 days, 20 hours since original post
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