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previously you gave me an answer on how to work with excel,
the problem is that in version this does not work, the query builder sees the excel sheets but it does not display yhe sheet columns, how can we fix it?
ronk | email
June 18 2008, 06:28 AM
Dear Ron,

Does the excel sheet names in Query Builder contains underscore characters? Sometimes MS Jet engine adds them to sheet names even there are no these characters in the original sheet names.

I believe I have fixed this regression. It was introduced because MS Jet for Access and MS Jet for Excel differently parses identifiers with underscore characters: symbol "_" is valid for Access but invalid and must be quoted in the Excel.

Anyway, you can download the older version with the MS Access dialect which follows the Excel behavior in that question, and this means it cannot parse some valid Access queries where underscore character used in unquoted names:

Newest version can parse these queries, and always quote identifiers containing underscore characters.
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
17 hours, 50 mins since original post
Dear Ron,

I have improved the metadata loading process for the MS Excel, so now it must be more reliable. And now it works properly for the file you sent me. Please try the new version (V1.9.1.12)that is already available for download.

Vitaly Sotnikov | email
2 days, 3 hours since original post
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