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Will this transfer between 2 databases on the same SQL Server?

The issue is that we have an old database which contains over 32,000 records, which need to be transferred to an updated (but empty) version of the same database.

It is running on a SQL Server 2005 on a server.

All information which needs to be transferred is in the new database and no re-naming has occured, only new fields and tables entered.

Also as a side queston - I am attempting to test this using SQL Express Server 2005 however it will not seem to connect to the local computer, is SQL Express supported?
Scott Price | email
June 20 2008, 04:29 AM
Hello Scott,
Yes, our tool supports SQL Express 2005 without any limitations.
We need some additional information about your problem:
1) Does the error occur when you are trying to connect to the source or to the destination database?
2) What error message does occur? Can you send us a screenshot of this message?
3) Do you use OLE DB Provider or ODBC Driver to connect to your source database?

Alexander Smirnov | email
8 hours, 53 mins since original post
We have put a request in to purchase the software however it is not coming through quickly enough however we need this migration done within the next 2 hours.

This leads to the next question, is it possible to do an update on the tables using the fields, not the data? So if an old table does not have a field then it gets entered, without the information? If it is missing a table the table will be entered, even blank?

Also would this be possible on the Trial version?

Thanks in advance
Scott Price | email
2 days, 17 hours since original post
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