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Retrieve only tables and views from provider

Can you please tell me how can I get only the tables and views from a database without using a QueryBuilder object. I need a functionality similar with the one that is available in FlySpeedSQLQuery in the sidebar (a tree with tables and views for a database).


MT | email
June 24 2008, 05:58 AM
Dear MT,

which version (VCL, ActiveX or .NET) you use?
Sergey Smagin | email
2 hours, 13 mins since original post

I use .NET version and it seems that queryBuilder.MetadataTree is always null even if I have data in MetadataContainer for that querybuilder. I tried to use a non visual query builder and after settings the providers and open the connections I expected to see data in MetadataTree, but it's null.

Is this the correct approach for getting only the metadata?


MT | email
2 hours, 54 mins since original post
As I suppose, you successfully loaded metadata in the MetadataContainer?
You can do the thing you need by two different ways:

1) iterate through objects in the MetadataContainer and fill your own tree

2) copy nodes from the MetadataTree (I suppose you use this way)
if you use this method, please take into account the following: Active Query Builder doesn't create any visual controls if you create it using constructor designed for non-visual mode (to save resources). But if you need these controls (and MetadataTree control is one of them), simply use the default constructor to create an Active Query builder instance.
Sergey Smagin | email
23 hours, 3 mins since original post
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