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Additional expressions in joins

Hi, the bottom Northwind-query is interpreted correctly but the builder shows join expression as a join between Categories and [Order Details], from my logic it makes part of the join between Products and [Order Details]. I know, changing the order of the involved tables it is displayed correctly (inverting Categories and [Order Details]), but when working with lot of tables this is not always possible.
Is there a reason not to display an additional "edit" for an expression inside the "standard-join"-form? Is there a way to build an expression-join from the graphical interface of the builder?
best regards, Toni

[Order Details].UnitPrice,
Products Left Join
Categories On Categories.CategoryID = Products.CategoryID Left Join
[Order Details] On Products.ProductID = [Order Details].ProductID And
Products.SupplierID Between 20 And 22 Left Join
Orders On Orders.OrderID = [Order Details].OrderID
Toni | email
August 20 2008, 04:14 AM
Dear Anton,

Drawing the join line between Categories and [Order Details] seems to be correct from the point of SQL query builder, as you put it between these tables in the query text.

The current version does not allow you to build such expressions visually. This feature will be implemented in version 2.x.

Sergey Smagin
Sergey Smagin | email
1 hour, 55 mins since original post
Hi Sergey,
you are right, the join stays between Categories and Order Details, but in the link definition - first part - the two involved tables are Products and Order Details, therefore there would be a "basis" to know the tables (objects). And from this point of view came my request to add an "edit" directly in the standard-join-form (link properties) to specify an additional condition. So there would be no need do build such expressions visually since the could be defined togheter with the normal link.
Toni | email
3 hours, 55 mins since original post
Hello, I really like the new field discriptions and key identification.
It seems Toni has a similar request but is there a way to graphicly design joins like described below in NO3A and NO3B? It would be very beneficial for the end user to see the joins from table to field and the conditions.

Select *
From C01_TKT_INF
Left Join N03_MSC_CD N03A
On N03A.N03_MSC_REC_TYP_S = '5'
Left Join N03_MSC_CD N03B
On N03B.N03_MSC_REC_TYP_S = '6'
Left Join N01_NAM_ADR_INF
C01_TKT_INF.C01_GROSS_WEIGHT_L > '86000'
Russ | email
3 months since original post
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