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Moving Metadata tree pane to the left of design area


We're using .Net version of AQB. Is there anyway of moving the metadata tree pane to the left and hiding the query structure tree pane on the right?

Basically want it to look like the following instead.

| | |
| metadata | Design |
| tree | Pane |
| | |
| |-------------------------|
| | |
| | Criteria List |


Stephen | email
October 23 2008, 06:58 PM
Dear Stephen,

It is possible to hide the Structure tree view (QueryStructureTreeOptions.TreeVisible) and the Metadata tree view (MetadataTreeOptions.TreeVisible), but it's not possible to move them vice versa in the current version.
Instead, you may build your own tree using the data from Metadata container (see the QueryBuilder.MetadataContainer collection and the Drag'n'drop demo project).
Sergey Smagin | email
10 hours, 40 mins since original post
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