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RBase support via Oterro driver

I did a cut and paste of code that runs on a daily basis to try to confirm that I was not doing something wrong. The code which runs beautifully in RBase generates the following error in FlySpeed SQL Query. I'm connected with the Oterro driver. If I run the commands one by one, they work fine, but when run as a "script" it generates the error. Any ideas? I'm new to RBase & FlySpeed, so...

Application Error
Exception EOleException in module FlySpeed SQL Query.exe at 0053E9C1.

[RBTI][Oterro ODBC Driver][RBase_Payroll]-ERROR- Syntax is incorrect for the command EMPLOYEE401K (2045).

DJGray | email
November 21 2008, 12:43 PM

I am also not familiar with Rbase syntax, but suppose that is may have unsupported SQL extensions against ANSI SQL/92 syntax, but the most of your queries should be parsed well. The error you've got is not a parsing, but execution error. The problem that the current version FlySpeed SQL query does not execute SQL scripts, but single SQL statements only. It seems the good idea to execute the selected statement only. We will implement this feature in one of the next minor versions.
Sergey Smagin | email
2 hours, 27 mins since original post
Thanks for both of your replies Sergey. I appreciate it. We will likely be purchasing another 3 or 4 copies of this tool My supervisor was very pleased with it.
DJGray | email
4 days since original post
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