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Show fields within each table.

It would be great to be able to expand the sidebar just one more level so that we see fields within tables. Right now, we see DatabaseNames, System Tables/Tables, TableNames If we could +/- each table to see a listing of Fields/Columns in those tables, that would be a great enhancement.
DJGray | email
November 25 2008, 01:11 PM

We didn't do that because there will be nothing to do with these nodes in terms of our tool as we do not modify the database structure. What functions you expect from the Field nodes (except viewing)?
Sergey Smagin | email
1 hour, 54 mins since original post
It was just a suggestion for convenience. It gives visibility into the table, helping the user to decide if they want to include that table or not. I've been dragging tables to the Main tab of the New Query in order to see what fields were in each table.

It's not a big deal. Just a "nice to have" feature.
DJGray | email
2 hours since original post
It's actually a great feature to have when you're exploring a new database and you're not yet familiar with all of the tables and fields that you might need in a query. For many application databases, documentation on the tables are hard to come by. I've spent a lot of time dragging tables in and out of visual tools just to see if these tables contain the fields I'm looking for. The display of tables and fields is one feature I like in SQL Server's Object Explorer tool.
Colin Banfield | email
1 day, 5 hours since original post
To add even more meaning to browsing fields in a table - when you click a field name, a pop-up window could display properties of the field e.g PK, FK, links to other tables and fields, indexed, allows nulls, default value, value constraints and so on.
Colin Banfield | email
2 days, 20 hours since original post
Colin, I'm glad you see value in my suggestion. I really like your suggestion on field properties, as well.
DJGray | email
2 days, 21 hours since original post
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