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Criteria not saved when query is saved

working with v2.4.6.0 (trial, unregistered) because i want to have a look at this tool.

I've added some query with criterias but in some of them they where saved and in some of them they are not saved.

Another point "auto-Formating" in the criteria field is terrible.
It's not easy to add >= '2009-01-01' for Date Fields for example, etc.

You should add a visual "add criteria" wizard.

Another improvement i want to mention and i would like to have is the possibility to mark criterias as "dialog input", etc.
Before executing a query with such marked criterias, the tool can show an user input form/dialog wizard so that the user can enter data-input for those criterias.
This will makes it much easier for recurring querys/reports.

Thanks and Regards...
Bernd | email
February 6 2009, 09:16 AM
You may add parameters and see the input parameter values dialog by adding the following criteria strings:

= :parameter1
>= :date_start and <= :date_end

The criteria input wizard will be available in one of the next minor versions.
Sergey Smagin | email
1 day, 16 hours since original post
ok, that works ... Thank you!

Is it possible to define input-values to parameters so that it is possible to give the user only valid-values for chossing. (presenting via select-box) ?

Is it possible to disable a parameter and its outcome in the executed sql dynamically from the dialog? (when user don't enter something in the parameter-dialog field)

So it would be possible to dynmically blend out criterias/parameters when the user don't want to set boundarys on that for the current query-request.

Is there a Change-Log available anywhere, so that i can have a look at the update cycles and latest Changes for your product?

Thanks and Regards...
Bernd | email
2 days, 17 hours since original post
Dear Bernd,

This functionality is not planned in this application. If you a programmer,
you may have a look at the Active Query Builder component and build your own application with specific rules of parameters processing.

There is no other change log available except the news section at the web-site.
Sergey Smagin | email
2 days, 18 hours since original post
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