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Error upon start

Just downloaded and installed FlySpeed SQL Query. It ran OK when first installed; however, each time thereafter I get an EAccess Violation error 005475F0. I've tried reinstalling.
Paul | email
March 29 2009, 11:21 AM
Just did another uninstall followed by a reboot.
Re-installed FlySpeed again and it seems to work now.
Paul | email
3 hours, 5 mins since original post
Have the same problem. The older version of FlySpeed SQL Query worked OK so it seems to be a problem with this version.

2 weeks, 4 days since original post

Just cleared my FlySpeed SQL Query.ini and it works now.

Since I use the portable installation and this feature is introduced in the 2.5 version I guess there's the rub.
Martin | email
2 weeks, 4 days since original post
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