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Can you give me an updated list of the values that USEDSQLSyntax can be.

Thease are the onee i have but oracle 10.2g returns 0x00000036

//Long aqbSyntax_xsOracle7 = 0x00000032
//Long aqbSyntax_xsOracle8i = 0x00000033
//Long aqbSyntax_xsOracle9i = 0x00000034
//Long aqbSyntax_xsOracle10g = 0x00000035

Thanks in advance
Steen jakobsen | email
April 2 2009, 01:38 AM
Dear Steen,

0x36 is for Oracle 11g. We do not detect Oracle server version during autodetect procedure. Thus, we return the latest version.

There are two new values added:

//Long aqbSyntax_xsOracle11g = 0x00000036
//Long aqbSyntax_xsInformixDS11 = 0x0000003f
Sergey Smagin | email
3 hours, 16 mins since original post
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