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AQB not drawing schematic correctly

Hi There,
I've just downloaded and installed and noticed that the schematic is not being drawn correctly. If I use AxActiveQueryBuilderX.SQL = Me.txtSQLStatements.Text where Me.txtSQLStatements.Text contains "Select * from [CAPTELL\TABLES\RMFINTRV]" (without the quotes) I get a single box with a single column identifier, the *. but it's not ticked and none of the other columns are listed. This bit of functionality of my application has worked correctly in the past and I haven't made any changes to it so I'm guessing that something has gone wrong in AQB. To test this I reinstalled and it correctly showed all the column names (but it didn't have the * ticked).

Adrian Heald | email
April 9 2009, 04:26 PM
Can you check the value of SQLSyntax property in both cases?
Have you checked the connection to your database using the new version? I understand that you didn't change anything, but there could be a problem with saving of the control's properties.
Sergey Smagin | email
13 hours, 32 mins since original post
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