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Hi All

I am using ZEOS with Turbo delphi
I have since when access a BD Oracle Active Query Builder delays to be loaded with other DB does not have this delay some can modify something to improve the performance with Oracle?


Edmilson | email
September 24 2007, 02:41 AM
Dear Edmilson,

Oracle is a heavy server, even the Express edition. Our component executes the 'select * from all_objects' query to fetch all database objects to the Metadata Container. You may try to execute this query via your ZEOS connection and see if its execution is fast enough. You can also use the metadata filter to reduce set of objects processed by the Metadata Container: try to exclude objects from system schemes; this can speed up the loading process.

If your database structure changes rarely, you can prepare the metadata information cache by saving the Metadata Container contents to the XML file and load it on the application startup.

Hope this helps.
Sergey Smagin | email
2 days, 2 hours since original post
Sergey Smagin

This command in Oracle that was giving the delay in the reply
I removed this line when use Provider for Oracle and the delay was reduced



Edmilson | email
5 days, 14 hours since original post
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