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EventsDemo in Java - can I remove the left zone for "Main FIELDS FROM", in a QueryBuilder?


My project manager asked me to embed the sample EventsDemo into an Applet, and to remove the leftest zone for Main, FORMS, FIELDS.

He asked this, because we wanted to develop such an applet, so that users of marketing department could just read the graphical schema browser, and the zone for criteria.

However I cannot remove the leftest zone. The only zone I can remove is the zone for displaying sql query at the botton.

And still then I have a "bouton droit" (right button) that appears at the place of the Scroll Panel for the query.

Could someone tell me how to customize these graphical zones? I'm not very familiar with swing.

With my best wishes,

Rosière Fontaine.
Rosière Fontaine | email
May 18 2009, 10:26 AM

Use following methods:
Eugene Starkov | email
12 hours, 50 mins since original post

About the "bouton droit": it's standard placeholder for an empty pane of the JScrollPane. To get it rid, cut the query builder component to the clipboard, delete the whole scroll pane and paste the query builder on the empty frame.
Eugene Starkov [ActiveDBSoft] | email
20 hours, 19 mins since original post

I managed to hide the leftest zone in the way.

About "bouton droit" I used setRightComponent(null) on a JSplitPane which hosts the database schema viewer at the center.

Rosière Fontaine | email
1 day, 18 hours since original post
Setting the bottom component to null will not hide the splitter divider.
If you you do not plan to use the splitter, you better to remove it from the components chain.
Eugene Starkov [ActiveDBSoft] | email
1 day, 18 hours since original post
I need to implement another requirement: remove the dialog box "Do you want to add the field ... to the query", whenever a field is selected in a table in the graphic viewer.

I tried to remove simply the JOptionPane.showConfirmMessage,

in the class MainFrame or Applet, but this deactives the event mechanism.

Is there another way to add fields to my query, without lauching any dialog box in javax.Swing?

Rosière Fontaine | email
1 day, 18 hours since original post
Those event handlers you see in the EventsDemo are optional.
Just delete unwanted handlers using the form designer or find and delete from the code strings containing:
'addBeforePropertiesDialogEventListener', 'addLinkDeletingEventListener', 'addDiagramObjectAddingEventListener', etc.
Eugene Starkov [ActiveDBSoft] | email
1 day, 19 hours since original post
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