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Metadata changes for column Data Types returned from server

Please consider making a few changes to the way that data type information is displayed to the user when TacQueryBuilder.FieldListOptions.TypeColumnOptions.Visible=true.

1. Return a decimal length for fields that have precision/scale. Right now field lengths are returned for character fields e.g. CHAR(10) but no length is returned for decimal types e.g. DECIMAL(9,2).

2. Allow some kind of option in the metadata provider to control whether an additional query should be run against the server to return column data type information. For instance, the TacDB2SyntaxProvider.LoadFieldsForObjectFromServer run against some databases can take several seconds to run for each object selected, and makes the designer's performance feel sluggish. For ADO connections, almost all of the information about the column's datatype is already available through the DATA_TYPE column of the adSchemaColumns result set; it would be much quicker to use that information instead and only run an additional query when user-defined types are involved.

3. Allow some way for the datatype that is displayed to the user to be configured when the datatype is not returned from the server. Right now, the designer always displays the VCL type e.g. String, BCD. It would be much better if that could be user-configurable through some kind of property or ini files e.g. String=CHARACTER, BCD=DECIMAL or at the very least change BCD to Decimal (or something like that) because users have no idea what "BCD" means (other data types are pretty self-explanatory).

Thanks for your consideration - these are just a few ideas that I think would make a great product even better.

aecspades | email
May 21 2009, 08:05 AM
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