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Do you know of any Expression Builder that could be purchased and used with you product.
Simlar to MS Access Expression Builder but need not be so complex.

I need to effectively create a new Field as a Sum of another two fields divided by a third field.
In the Query.

brett | email
June 5 2009, 11:00 AM
Dear Brett,

We don't know if there any components of this kind available. We are going to implement our own builder in a month.
Sergey Smagin | email
12 hours, 12 mins since original post
We built our own with HTML and JS, but are very interested in what you design. Hoping it will be feature rich like the AQBX component! List below...Some we have, some we don't:
- functions available for the DB syntax be used
- date selector with formatting
- selectable objects, both added and derived
- display of selected field data type
Bill Doyle | email
3 weeks, 1 day since original post
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