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RemObjects DataAbstract support

just bought the product and I'm very happy with the scalability level that AQB supports.

on your website you published that RemObjects (DataAbstract) is supported, well I can see how easy to implement such support, but before I start developing my own interface I was wondering if you guys made such interface (trying not to re- invent the wheel), if so please inform me how to get it.

keep on the great stuff,
best wishes
Mahmoud Baalbaki | email
June 8 2009, 08:58 AM
Dear Mahmoud,

You may download DataAbstract demo at http://activequerybuilder.com/files/demos/DynamicSQL.AQB.zip

This archive contains modified standard "Dynamic SQL" demo from the DataAbstract. DataAbstract and Active Query Builder must be installed to open this demo project.
There is no need for special "QueryBuilder for DataAbstract connectivity" package, because metadata provider is included as unit into the client application.

Archive contains pre-compiled versions of Server and Client. The Server connects to local MS SQL Server default instance with user 'sa' and password '1' to database 'Northwind' (you can change this properties in the server project by calling RemObjects schema editor)

Hope this helps.
Sergey Smagin | email
20 hours, 28 mins since original post
Thanks for your fast reply.
the sample is good, I'll continue from here.
best wishes,

PS: in the provided sample one overriden procedure name has been changed, you may fix that for other customers.
Mahmoud Baalbaki | email
21 hours, 31 mins since original post
Good day
i'm currently evaluating AQB. I use RemObjects DA so i downloaded your demo to see how AQB works with DA. I have the following problems.

1) In the meta provider the correct declaration of LoadFieldsForQuery is
Procedure LoadFieldsForQuery(AContext: TacBaseSqlContext; <--- Correct
const AQuery:WideString; AFieldsList:TacMetadataFieldsList);
2) Whenever i try to drag a table in the designer area i get
Invalid object name 1.dbo.customers the name of the table depends on the table i try to drag.

Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance
Yiannis Tsakiridis | email
1 month since original post
Dear Yiannis,

thank you for #1 fix, I merged it in the sample.
And I just uploaded new version of Active Query Builder, which correctly works with the latest DataAbstract, it fixes #2 issue: In the latest version DataAbstract adds one additional column - "RecNo", and AQB takes it's value as Database name.
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
1 month since original post
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