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What Procedures can be used by AQB?

In the User Guide under Add New Object there are tabs labeled Tables, Views, Procedures, Synonyms. What procedures are refered to here? How are they implemented in AQB? Are there any guidelines or constraints as to how they are written or packaged ie C# VB PL/SQL?
Jim M | email
July 1 2009, 03:37 PM
Dear Jim,

The Procedures in Active Query Builder mean stored procedures and functions defined in your database server. Please refer to your database server documentation on how to define them. Please note that there could be different types of procedures and functions in your database server. Some of them can be used in SQL queries as datasources (i.e. "SELECT * FROM Procedure(Params)"), some of them can be accessed via the EXEC statement only. As far as Active Query Builder works with SELECT statements only, not all of the stored procs might be shown under the Procedures tab, but only those of them, which allow usage in the SELECT statements as data sources.
Sergey Smagin | email
5 days, 15 hours since original post
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