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iSeries DB2 to MySQL - delete, insert, update almost live?


I am wondering if your application can handle getting DB2 iSeries data (via ODBC) and delete, insert and update to a mysql database in an "almost live" on-schedule fashion?

Sure would love to know if it is possible and what the limitations may be?

Thank you.


Cc | email
July 31 2009, 06:16 AM

Thank you for your interest in our software.

The "almost live" synchronize feature is very interest. Probably it can be realized via ODBC Tracing API.
But there are some problems:
1) Only commands and data from local applications will be handled. Data from remote applications will be lost.
2) Some MySQL engines don’t support transactions and DB2 rollback commands will be processed incorrectly.

Alex Smirnov
Alexander Smirnov | email
4 days, 6 hours since original post
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