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Error messages using a exotic ODBC driver


I'm pretty new using the product, so could be I do something wrong. We mainly use the product to connect to all different database layers, to check layout of teh datamodel and so. Because of this, we have to use all kind of access methods, MS SQL, OLEDB, ODBC etc. Here, we found 2 strange behaviours. First of all, when using ODBC as method, it looks like FlySpeed itself does a syntax check to the query, prior transfering it to the ODBC driver for execution. In our case, this causes error messages because of the exotic nature of the ODBC driver we have to use (A MERANT ODBC driver for SQLbase (Gupta)). After the error message the result from the query seems correct. Error messages like:

Invalid SELECT statement.
Unexpected token "@NULLVALUE" at line 1, pos 112

Secondly, when using this ODBC driver, while we can enter SQL queries and execute them, we can't usually open the tree where the tables, views etc are located. The connection is there, it just doesn't show the contents.

Question is : can we do something that allows FlySpeed to just pass-through the queries without syntax checking. Question 2 : Is the problem not showing the tables within the database specific to this ODBC driver, and can we get it to work somehow?
Willem Hartgers | email
August 17 2009, 03:46 AM
Dear Willem,

To switch off database server autodetection, you should specify your database server syntax manually in connection properties dialog (Use SQL Dialect option). This setting is also affects on the metadata retrieval process. If you can't find the right syntax for your database, choose ANSI SQL/92 or ANSI SQL/2003 syntax.

Hope this helps.
Sergey Smagin | email
3 days, 21 hours since original post
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