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Suporte to Oracle Optimizer Hints

Exists any way to specify Oracle hints into AQB? I have some customers wich need this funcionality but when I put some hints into Expression list this turn into a result field not just a hint to Oracle optimizer (CBO). If I put this SELECT into AQB the comment "/*+ ... */" is just droped off:

SELECT /*+ LEADING(e2 e1) USE_NL(e1) INDEX(e1 emp_emp_id_pk)
e1.first_name, e1.last_name, j.job_id, sum(e2.salary) total_sal
FROM employees e1, employees e2, job_history j
WHERE e1.employee_id = e2.manager_id
AND e1.employee_id = j.employee_id
AND e1.hire_date = j.start_date
GROUP BY e1.first_name, e1.last_name, j.job_id
ORDER BY total_sal

Oracle Hints:
Lourival O Silva | email
September 1 2009, 02:50 PM
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