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Recovering from connection timeout

Do you have a good way to recover from a connection timeout? I am using AQB to connect to an Oracle database using the Oracle 11g OLEDB provider through a VPN using TacADOMetadataProvider - that connection timesout after several minutes of inactivity and then I can no longer design/run queries even after the VPN connection is re-established. I can make the error happen in the AQB Demo project; I was sure that switching to Offline mode and then back to Online mode would re-establish the connection but that does not work either. I created a very simple Delphi project with a TADOConnection and a Refresh button that does


...seems like that should be enough to re-establish the connection but that does not work either. This DOES work when I use the MS SQLServer ADO driver but it does not work for DB2. I guess the question is if anyone has had experience re-establishing ADO connections short of deleting and then recreating the TADOConnection object entirely (which does seem to work).

Thanks to anyone that has ideas
aecspades | email
September 30 2009, 06:43 PM
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