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Devexpress support forgotten?

Current AQB is several versions behind with regards to DevEx libraries.

The Devex version of the product should automatically come with source code for the DevexpressControlFactory DLL so we can compile with the version we have.
Daz | email
October 21 2009, 06:34 AM
Dear Darren,

To use any new version of the DevExpress assembly you need to override the version binding using the 'app.config' file.
Sergey Smagin | email
1 day since original post
Hello Sergey,
I'm trying to achieve this, but I'm in trouble because when DevExpress releases a new volume for their controls, the name of the assemblies are changed too, in other words: the assembly named DevExpress.Data.v9.1 changes to DevExpress.Data.v9.2 and so on.
Is it possible to override version binding in this case?
Could you please provide an example on how to do it?
Guido Domenici Jr | email
2 days, 13 hours since original post
We have updated DevExpress dependencies to v9.2.6.0.
Please re-download.

We also included the source code of DevExpressControlFactory in the installation package.
Now you can rebuild it yourself with any DevExpress version you have a license for.
Eugene Starkov | email
4 days, 22 hours since original post
That is perfect. You guys really listen :-)
Daz | email
4 days, 22 hours since original post
As a side note, on future update notifications can you please specify if this projet has been updated so we know whether we need to replace it or not.

Daz | email
4 days, 23 hours since original post
You can see the history here:
RSS subscription is available on the page.
Eugene Starkov | email
4 days, 23 hours since original post
Hello Eugene,
Thank you for your help!!!
Guido Domenici Jr | email
5 days, 4 hours since original post
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