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SQLSyntax set to AUTODETECT not working


I want to connect Active query builder to oracle9i I am setting SQLSyntax Property to AUTODETECT or value =2 then and providing proper oracle connection string then also it is not loading oracle databases and tables in active query builder could you please help me?

Could you please tell me which version of oracle are supported to this tool.

Pls provide proper documentation for connection to different database server e.g.Oracle,Sybase,DB2,Firebird,MySQL,Informix etc
from active query builder.
shweta Kulkarni | email
November 4 2009, 05:22 AM
Please refer to this forum post for the full list of SQLSyntax constants:

Oracle 9i is supported by Active Query Builder, including autodetection feature. Please tell us, what version and _edition_ of the component you use and let us see your connection string to investigate the problem. A small piece of code of connecting Active Query Builder to your database is very welcome.
Sergey Smagin | email
1 hour, 56 mins since original post
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