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ActiveQueryBuilder Activex edition - ConnectionTimeOut propertie?

We want to know how this propertie acts.
The default value is 15. Is this value is in seconds?
Is there any way to catch the error when the connection timeout expires?
What's the difference between commandtimeout and connectiontimeout?

Francesc Laborda | email
January 14 2010, 12:12 PM
Dear Francesc,

The connection timeout property is used during the connection to a database. The command timeout property is used when a query is sent to a database.

There's an OnError event in ActiveX Edition to handle errors, but it used to handle any errors, not the connection timeouts. If you need to distinguish these errors from the others, please let us know about that.
Sergey Smagin | email
4 days, 17 hours since original post
Dear Sergey,
Yes we need to catch the error or message when the AQB connection can'n be open before the time is set in this property.
Now the control fails when we connect it to a big database > 100 tables (Oracle)

Francesc Laborda | email
6 days, 1 hour since original post
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