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Context menu for metadatapanel

Hi there, In the events demo for the .net control there are right click events for the different panels except for the metadata. Is there an event on the right click/left click mouse buttons for the metadata panel that I'm missing somewhere? Is there a way to get the higlighted table name from the metadata panel?

Jay | email
January 20 2010, 05:53 PM
You can access the metadata tree this way:

MetadataTree metadataTree = (MetadataTree) queryBuilder1.MetadataTree.GetControl();

Here you can handle any standard tree events.

To get the selected metadata object name use following code:

if (metadataTree.SelectedNode.Tag != null)
MetadataObject mo = (MetadataObject) metadataTree.SelectedNode.Tag;
string name = mo.FullNameStr;
Eugene Starkov | email
11 hours, 58 mins since original post
I have to admit that you guys have built an amazing control! I can't wait to get my project off the ground!

Jay | email
16 hours, 19 mins since original post
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