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I have connected to a CRM database: Superoffice. Superoffice presents dates in seconds starting from 01-01-1970. Within msaccess it is perfectly recalculated to a usable date using the formula DateAdd(x;x;x). Something similar available in FlySpeed?
Hans | email
February 22 2010, 10:38 AM
FlySpeed SQL Query is intended to build and execute SQL queries. Please refer to the SQL reference for your database if it has any date conversion functions or not.

Also you may create an Access database (*.mdb) and link tables of your CRM to it. After that you may create MS Access connection in FlySpeed SQL Query and select this .mdb database file. Your linked tables will be available for querying and you'll be able to build queries to them using MS Access SQL syntax.
Sergey Smagin | email
15 hours, 42 mins since original post
thanks Sergey
Hans | email
16 hours, 13 mins since original post
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