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Ora 00942


I keep geeting the following error massage when conecting to Oracle 10g database: Ora 00942

Does anybody kbnow a solution to this problem ?

Best regards

Simon Lykkeboe | email
March 1 2010, 08:28 AM
Dear Simon Lykkeboe,
Thank you for your interest in our software and your report.
We need some additional information about your problem:
1) What is edition (Enterprise, Express, ...) of your Oracle database?
2) What is platform (Windows, Linux, ...) of your Oracle database?
3) Are you connect as SYSDBA or as a limited user?
Alex Smirnov
Senior Programmer
Active Database Software
Alexander Smirnov | email
6 hours, 29 mins since original post
Dear Simon,

We have just fixed this problem. Please download the new version of Flyspeed Data Export for Oracle (build 4420) from our website.
Please inform us about your results.

Alexander Smirnov | email
1 day, 7 hours since original post
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