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How can I see Stored Procedures?


I an using sql server 2008 and i have some stored procedure. I want to load two stored procedure to the metadata container so that i can query from these stored procedure.

I am using the below code for adding stored procedure to the metadata container:
queryBuilder.MetadataContainer.AddProcedure("dbo", sp_name, false, db_name);
Its not working.

Please help.

September 14 2010, 03:06 AM
Dear Chandra,

As you might know, it is not possible to query a stored procedure in MS SQL Server. I.e. the following SELECT statement is not valid:

SELECT * FROM MyStoredProc

Active Query Builder can not build EXEC statements, but SELECT statements only. So we do not load stored procedures for MS SQL Server in the tree because they are useless there. But we do load table-valued stored functions that can be used this way.
Sergey Smagin | email
4 hours, 52 mins since original post
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