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Where are my tables

Used to have a sidebar with DB/Tables tree and now it is no longer there ...
Anyone with the same issue? What's the solution? Thanks.
Dan | email
October 7 2010, 06:04 PM
Also searched for a long while: Options / Connection List

Stefan_E | email
23 hours, 24 mins since original post
Same here. Options -> Connection List is checked, but there are no tables or other objects listed other than my saved queries. I know the database is connected because the queries work.

Same thing in Query -> "Show database objects tree" on the right side. The sidebar is empty (no database objects). If I remember correctly, these objects were displayed by Flyspeed a couple months ago when I first started using it...
Mike G | email
1 month, 3 weeks since original post
Never mind, I just found the problem. I moved the database more than a month ago and recently tried connecting to it using FlySpeed. Instead of raising an error, FSQ just created an empty database container at the old location. Once I modified the connection to the correct path, naturally the tables show up just fine.

Yes, this is user error :), but maybe FSQ should raise an info msg instead of silently creating an empty container or maybe this could be a user selectable option?

sqlite 3
FlySpeed SQL Query
Windows 7 Pro x64
Mike G | email
1 month, 3 weeks since original post
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