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Having tried the free version and then purchasing the full version, I find myself disapointed with the lack of programmer documentation. Yes you've some good examples that aid a quick start, but I find my whole experience of wanting to extend some of the functionality more and more frustrating as i'm having to rely upon Visual Studio intellisence, the debugger, or forums to understand how properties and objects are used and their purpose.

My development experience is somewhat slow, which is frustrating. I'm used to using other tools such as DevExpress who have a goods code documentation where you can find the definition and examples for nearly all public classes. The problem is with code samples, is that you're calling your routines but there's not documentation to explain of give an insite into that routine your using.

Do you have anything above the forums and sample code? Do you plan on producing a help file?


Andrew | email
October 29 2010, 05:32 PM
Dear Andrew,

We are working on a new major version now. It will be ready till the end of this year and it will include the documentation (object and property reference). Please let me know, what you are trying to do and we'll provide the detailed instructions on how to do that.
Sergey Smagin | email
1 week, 1 day since original post
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