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Speed slow down from 20 s to 3 minutes now.


I have upgrade to version release on Feb 9th, and found a very big speed problem.

I have the TacQueryBuilder placed in a Tabsheet. Its metadata was refreshed at the start up (there are many tables), before upgrade, I have to wait about 20 seconds for TacQueryBuilder to finish the load.

But now after I have upgraded, I found that when I first switch to the TabSheet who contains TacQueryBuilder, I have to wait for 3 minutes now. All later switch to that TabSheet will have no such problem.

Please kindly check this issue.
LIANG | email
February 15 2011, 02:46 AM
And it seems that the most of time is spent on TTreeNode (I do have a huge Oracle server, who has many tables).

Please consider to improve the support on many tables. (I personally suggest you may consider to replace current TreeView with the MPL licensed component of TVirtualTreeView from
Liang | email
1 hour, 54 mins since original post
Dear Liang,

We will investigate slowing down in the latest version.

Inclusion of controls other than VCL standard controls is impossible for the version without source code as it won't be possible to recompile the component with the customer's version of third-party component. The new major version will interact with trees using abstract interface, so having the source code you may change the tree control to any component you want. For now you may simply switch off the internal tree and implement your own tree using information from the Metadata Container. See the Drag'n'Drop demo for details.
Sergey Smagin | email
3 hours, 19 mins since original post
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