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Cannot change or update data

This error "Key fields not found" pop up once i want to update data in the column.
Nur Aniza | email
March 10 2011, 04:02 AM
Please provide more details about your problem
Sergey Smagin | email
50 mins since original post
Hi Sergey,
I observe the same - but then, I don't use FlySpeed for updates very often ...: Assume following table:
Name Val
a 50
a 50
a 50
b 60
Then, "Select Name,Val where Name='a'". Try delete second record: "Delete current record?"; Yes; "Update failed. Found 3 records"; this is mis-leading as all three records a/50 are deleted. Proposal:
"failed" is misleading here.

Next, based on the same data, try "Select Name Where Name ='a'" and try delete any record: "Key fields not found".

(When I tested this, I gave the table the name "dummy" in a MySQL database named "dummy", which was NOT my default db in the connection. The query builder then created wrong constructs dummy.dummy.dummy.name; I guess it was confused with db-name = table-name)

Kind regards, Stefan
Stefan_E | email
1 day, 13 hours since original post
(... likely you need a 'From' in the select :-) ) Stefan
Stefan_E | email
1 day, 13 hours since original post
Dear Nur,

If Stefan's explanation of your problem is correct so, the "Key fields not found" is not an error, but a message from the database server that means it can't understand how to locate the data you want to delete or update. Actually you will face with many similar surprises while working with tables without a primary key. Please consider the possibility to add the key fields to your data, otherwise take these messages for granted.

Dear Stefan,

I agree that "Update failed" is misleading here, but this message was sent to the program by MySQL server. Our tool works with different database servers and it always displays messages from the servers without changes.

We will investigate the problem with wrong generation of the table name.
Sergey Smagin | email
2 days, 21 hours since original post
The problem with wrong generation of the table name reported by Stefan is fixed in the latest version.
Sergey Smagin | email
1 month, 2 weeks since original post
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