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Error connecting flyspeed with Oracle 10g


I want to connect FlySpeed SQL Query on my Oracle 10g but i got this error :
"[AnyDAC][Phys][Ora] ORA-12154: TNS : l'identificateur de connexion indiqué n'a pas pu être résolu"

I'm on W7 64 bits and my Oraxcle connection work find with sql developer...

My connection properties :

Connection Type : Oracle
Server version : Oracle 10g
Server Name : svroracle:1521/mydata
User name: myuser
password : mypass

Thank you
Jerome | email
March 30 2011, 08:29 AM
Dear Jerome,

I recently installed Oracle 10g client to my PC and was able to connect FlySpeed SQL Query to Oracle after adding the TNS_ADMIN environment variable to the path to tnsnames.ora:
Of course, I wrote the tnsnames.ora file according to Oracle docs.

Also some Oracle-related problems are described in the FAQ:
Sergey Smagin | email
1 day, 17 hours since original post
Dear Jerome,

Please find the updated article about youк problem in the F.A.Q:

If you are using Easy connect string (Server Name: "svroracle:1521/mydata"):

1. Verify that "EZCONNECT" is listed as one of the values of the NAMES.DIRETORY_PATH parameter in the Oracle Net profile (SQLNET.ORA).
2. Make sure the host, port and service name specified are correct.
3. Try enclosing the connect identifier in quote marks. See the Oracle Net Services Administrators Guide or the Oracle operating system specific guide for more information on naming.
Sergey Smagin | email
1 week since original post
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