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Expression builder for Criteria field


I would like to suggest a feature. It would be useful to have an inplace editor for the Criteria field that would pop up an expression builder dialog similar to the filter builder dialog on the Developer Express TcxGrid component.

Thank you.

Bogdan Ureche | email
April 11 2011, 09:50 PM
I had posted the same request, though Bogdan's is more precise to this software, so I will further the conversation on his thread.

I obviously second this feature request.

For a little background. I work for a Fortune 100 company and on a daily basis, utilize Oracle, SQL Server and Progress databases. I have used a process to compare and verify data between all three by importing the data into a SQLite database. I normally have used msquery but it has the outer join limitation. What msquery does have is the aforementioned ability to show standard SQL Operators such as "begins with", "is not Null", etc. So, it would be great if Bogdan's suggestions could be implemented as it would be efficient for the end user. I would also assume that due to this, it would be an economic positive for developers such as Bogdan, which becomes an economic advantage for Active Database Software.

I have purchased Flyspeed SQL Query and am considering purchasing SQLite Expert Professional 3 for it's specific functionality with SQLite databases. This added feature would certainly help me with my daily work and would be an added positive in my recommendation throughout my company of your software.
Bill | email
12 hours, 33 mins since original post
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