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Inconsistent automatic grouping


I've run into two different behaviors regarding operations on queries with the GROUP BY clause:

1. If a new column is added to a query containing an item with an aggregate function applied on it, the Grouping checkbox of the new column will be checked.
2. Accordingly, when an aggregate function is applied over a column, one would expect that the remaining - no aggregate - items were updated checking their Grouping checkbox.

Is this by design ot is it a bug? In my opinion the behavior described in #1 is the desired one, and it would be great have it extended to the second case, as the component is somewhat meant to leverage non technical users which can't fully understand the GROUP BY mechanism.

Vicente Almagro
Vicente Almagro | email
May 26 2011, 04:17 PM
UPDATE: Sorry, this is issue is corrected in the last version (, which I hadn't installed yet.

Vicente Almagro
Vicente Almagro | email
3 days, 13 hours since original post
Dear Vincente,

Thank you for your suggestion. The new minor version introduces the desired behavior.
Sergey Smagin | email
3 days, 15 hours since original post
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