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When will version 2 of Active Query Builder.net be available?

And what will be in it that's new.

dave lawson | email
July 15 2011, 01:40 PM
Well, it's a hard question. :) We still plan to release the major version in a month.

Below the list of main improvements.

1. The metadata container and everything that's related to it will be changed. Changes are needed to increase speed and to maintan changes in the other parts of the component.
2. Metadata loading is remade. Now you won't need to call the RefreshMetadata method at all: all objects and their data will be loaded by demand.
3. Query statistics will work correctly without pre-filling of the metadata container as objects will be loaded to the metadata container when used in the query.
4. Query statistics will have a new collection of unknown identifiers, so you may know if the user entered non-valid column name.
5. Metadata objects tree is completely remade. It will load lists of servers, databases, schemas and objects on expanding the appropriate tree nodes.
6. You will be able to group database objects not by physical containers (databases, schemas, etc.), but define your own groups of objects according to your logical database structure.
7. Metadata filters will be re-made. You will be able to define filters by servers, databases, packages, etc.
8. The new control will be made to replace the Add object window. It might be used anywhere else, for example to replace the database objects tree, so you will be able to filter objects the way you like.

In the next minor versions we are planning to save the query layout after manual changing of the query, to let the user to search for fields in the datasource field list and other useful minor changes.
Sergey Smagin | email
4 days, 14 hours since original post
The second version is out a year later. :)
Sergey Smagin | email
1 year since original post
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