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Subscription Reminder Bug

After using this great program for one year, I got the subscription reminder.
Meanwhile, I renewed, but in-between I told FlySpeed to no longer remind me of the subscription expiration. That resulted in a

" ... QueryTool\Registration\LastNotificationDate" is of wrong kind or size

error message.

August 21 2011, 02:14 PM
Dear Stefan,

Sorry for this problem. To fix this problem, remove this key from registry. Please send us the exported "Registration" registry folder in order to investigate this problem.
Sergey Smagin | email
14 hours, 25 mins since original post
... I might not have clearly described the situation:
- registration was valid --> no problem
- when it was about to expire, I got a message that it will
expire soon --> I needed click away that message but also had
an option "don't show this again"; so I did ...
==> that triggered the "wrong kind of size"
- as soon as I entered a new (valid) key, I was fine again
So, it's merely an annoyance for people who don't want to renew :-)

1 day, 3 hours since original post
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