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Selecting a column takes a long time

I have upgraded to the most recent .Net version of Active Query Builder.
The DB I am connecting to is pretty large (about 300 tables) and I have noticed now
that when I select a column from a table it takes a long time for it to be checked and
added to the SQL editor. Did not have this problem with the previous version.
Is there something new added.
Segio Waldring | email
October 14 2011, 07:02 PM
I am also experiencing degraded performance, not only in selectin a column but all through the product. I am also connecting to a database with many tables containing many fields.

I have an old registered version Using that version I can connect to the database and load the metadata in less than 10 seconds (using the precompiled example) Using the latest version I have downloaded it takes minutes. In the old version I can add a table to the query in less than a second, in the new version it takes a minute, from I drop the table onto the canvas until it has been drawn and I can proceed. In the old version I can join two tables in a second, in the new version it takes minutes.

There must be something completey wrong with the new version, or there must be some option that I have still not discovered that I need to set.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Best regards
Jesper Carstensen | email
3 days, 22 hours since original post
Thank you for reporting the problem. We'll fix it ASAP.
Eugene Starkov | email
4 days, 13 hours since original post
The bug is fixed now. Please download the update.
Eugene Starkov | email
5 days, 10 hours since original post
Thank you, that worked
Segio Waldring | email
5 days, 23 hours since original post
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