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Integrate Active Query Builder java edition to my Web Application

I have a web application. Can I integrate Active Query Builder java edition into my Web Application and access it through web browser?
Pradnya | email
October 20 2011, 03:13 AM
Yes, you can. You may create an applet from this component and use it at your web page. Please review the Applet demo that is shipped with the trial version. You may also see it in action at http://www.activequerybuilder.com/javademo.html
Sergey Smagin | email
9 hours, 34 mins since original post
How does the applet deal with the security sandbox if the database is not on the web server machine? Does the applet have to be signed in that case?
Michael Smith | email
6 days, 9 hours since original post
Der Michael,

Please note that applet is running on the client PC, thus it doesn't matter if the database server is on the same PC as the web server or not. You may either allow database connections over the Internet that may not be suitable due to security reasons or you may provide the necessary metadata for the component to work via the pre-generated XML file placed on your web server or embedded into the applet itself. (this is how the Live demo works at our web site) This way the component is loaded much faster, especially in case of large database schema, and it has no security flaws. You may read about loading metadata from XML files here: http://www.activedbsoft.com/helpdesk/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=1
Sergey Smagin (Help Desk Team Member) | email
1 week, 1 day since original post
i'm trying to run Applet Demo shipped with trial version of Active Query Builder java edition but it didn't work ,first he asked me about the main class so i create another java file and create an object from the QueryBuilderApplet class inside the main method and it build successfully but it didn't work either and when i debug again i found that the debug ended in the second line in the java file in the following part
private PlainTextSQLBuilder plainTextSQLBuilder1 = new PlainTextSQLBuilder();

so could you please help me in this
N.A.T | email
2 weeks, 6 days since original post
The Applet Demo is created with and intended to run by NetBeans IDE in its applet viewer.

How do you debug your applet? Where do you run it?
Please provide the error log from the java console or the exception information from the debugger.

Most probably your problem is that your applet can't find the ActiveQueryBuilder.jar. Did you place it beside your applet jar?
Eugene Starkov (Help Desk Team Member) | email
3 weeks, 6 days since original post
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