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Hidden columns are incorrectly selected

Hi there,

I have implemented code to hide certain columns from a table with the following code (The table contains 7 columns in total):

MetadataTable table = (MetadataTable) queryBuilder.getMetadataContainer().findObjectByFullName("Config_User");
MetadataFieldList fieldsList = table.getFields();

When I drag/drop the table on the design area and do not select any of the rest of the columns, the SQL query generated in the text area is as follows:

SELECT * FROM Config_User

Shouldn't the generated query be something like: 'SELECT col1, col2, col,..etc etc.. FROM Config_User' listing the rest of the columns since I removed the two columns above?

Is there something that can be done programatically to correct this 'feature' ?

Kind Regards
lafkiotis | email
November 1 2011, 07:35 PM

By hiding columns you just hide them from being visible from user. You may check all fields in a table using the code from this article:
Sergey Smagin | email
2 weeks since original post
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