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how to set OLE db Provider

How do I change the OLE db Provider for Advantage database? I have several versions that I have used over the years from V8.0 through V10.1.

I have been able to connect to Advantage database and migrate tables to SQL Server using the Advantage OLE db Provider. I'm now getting a error message stating that the version of the server is older than the provider client.

I'm familiar with this type of error message and the simple fix is to use a version of the client (V9.1) that is older than the server(V10.1). I don't see how the FlySpeed DB Migrate to SQL Server can be configured to use a particular version of the Advantage OLE db provier since I regularly access different installed versions of the provider on my pc to connect to various versions of Advantage Database servers using the Advantage Data Architect application.
Jim Britt | email
January 14 2012, 02:03 PM
Dear Jim,
All the settings of OLE DB Providers must be configured via the connection string. There is no other ways to define OLE DB provider settings.
Sergey Smagin | email
2 days, 14 hours since original post
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