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use stored procedure in SQL Builder

In many case, I only can use stored procedure to return data.
Two questions here.
- if stored procedure has no parameter, Can SQL Builder remove the brackets? firebird doesn't accept select * from PROC_NAME()
- After I tick the output columns, I need to know which metadataobject these fields come from, but if stored procedure the metadataobject is null, is there any way to get the information?

Hao | email
January 16 2012, 09:22 PM
Dear Hao,

1. Using the Firebird syntax provider the brackets will be removed automatically. What syntax provider you use and why you did not use the proper syntax?

2. There are many ways to get the reference to metadata object. Please provide the code which fails to return the metadata object for stored procedure in your case.
Sergey Smagin | email
8 hours, 3 mins since original post
Thank you Sergey,

But unfortunately I still cannot get through. I use Firebird Syntax, but it will report error when it try to retrieve the output fields, also the metadata object for the output fields is still nill.
I built a demo, but looks like no where to add attachment file, anyway, follow the steps bellow to reproduce
- create any stored procedure which has output fields without parameters.
- set the uniConnection to your firebird database.
- run program and Load Metadata, drag the stored procedure to the Query Builder, error will happen.
- click the button go through fields and you will see the metadata is nill.
Hao | email
23 hours, 21 mins since original post
Dear Hao,

Do you know that you may contact us via the Support Request and send file attacments there?

We'll check this. Meanwhile please check that you use the latest version as we fixed similar problems some time ago.
Sergey Smagin | email
2 days, 4 hours since original post
Dear Hao,

the bug if fixed in 1.18.8. Please download the updated build.
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
3 days, 6 hours since original post
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