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AddLanguageFromFile not working

I'm using AddLanguageFromFile to change to a custom language file, but the interface is showing english strings all the time. I'm folowing the examples. Ambient: VB6. Version: Free ActiveX.

My custom file is based in "Portuguese(Brazil).lng" file, with small changes. My code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim lng As Integer
lng = ActiveQueryBuilderX1.Localizer.AddLanguageFromFile("MyLanguage", "Portuguese(Brazil).lng")
ActiveQueryBuilderX1.Localizer.CurrentLanguage = lng
End Sub

Jorge | email
March 4 2012, 08:37 AM
Dear Jorge,

you encounter a small bug in our component: when you load a language from non-existent file component silently fails to load such file and fall back to the english language. This bug is fixed and the fix will be included in the next release.

Anyway, this bug simply hide the error message about nonexistent file. Please try to ensure that your language file in the current dir or specify the full path to the file.
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
1 day, 19 hours since original post
Dear Jorge,

you can download the build v1.18.10, which does not suppress error message about nonexistent language file.
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
6 days, 14 hours since original post
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