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Saving a Completed Query for Users to Use but not Modify Joins or Tables

We have a C++ tool that creates a series of standard reports using our SQL server database. Our users sometimes want additional fields in the report. This causes the reports to be too many columns. What we want to do is use Active Query to allow the user to pick the fields to display and output them to an excel file (or CSV). We would like to create a series of queries one for each of our reports. The user could then click on the fields to be displayed/outputted. We do not want the user to be able to modify the query. We are afraid that they may not have a good knowledge of SQL and create an output file with bad data and duplicates.

Can you create a file of "standard" queries and restrict the user to only click on what is viewed?
Mark Lauzon | email
March 13 2012, 11:06 AM
Restriction of modification of various parts of the query will be made in the next major version. The release date depends on the edition of the component.
Working with data, including exporting results to any data formats is not a part of the component tasks.
Sergey Smagin | email
1 day, 20 hours since original post
Thank you for your prompt response. First of all I apologize if this email is long. I am hoping that by providing a "user" perspective may allow you to better tune your product.

I head a group that creates software tools for our company, I am not the developer. I tend to influence the developers to create features that I feel will enhance the capability of our users. I do not do the programming. More the idea person. When I searched the web, Active Database really impressed me. It had a great interface and seemed easy to use. We purchased the software and I am sure that we will understand it more once we start integrating it into our tool. Here are the things that I am looking for, maybe you have them or maybe we need to use your VCL with custom code we develop to make them work. I will elaborate on what we are trying to do. This may allow you to let me know if this is doable or we will need to wait for the next version or just can't be done.

We have a tool with about 24 standard reports. These reports are created using table queries and views. The issue is that users always want some small customization for their plant (an extra field or criteria). My vision was to use Active Query to support these request.

My group would create a series of Active Queries and save them. When the users install our software, these Active Queries would be saved in a default directory. The user could then pull up any of these Active Queries and add fields or criteria. I did not want them to be able to modify the table structure of the Active Query. I am afraid that they may not understand the tables, joins and such. I would like them to be able to save their small changes to a different directory. I would like to keep the default directory pure. I envision a tree on the one side of the tool with the default directory and the user directory. The user would expand the tree to see the Active Queries they could choose from. Once an Active Query is executed, the user could save the data to a csv or excel. Many of our users use this data for in excel to complete other tasks.

- Per your response, the next version will have the ability to restrict user modifications. Do have basic timing on the next update?

- Does not output any data. I assume that it would pass the data to our software and we could export it?

- Is it plausible to use your software and create these default and user directories? Can I have them displayed in a tree format?

Once again thank you for your time. As I have said, I was impressed with Active Query and am looking forward to integrating it in our tool.

Mark Lauzon | email
1 day, 22 hours since original post
Dear Mark,

Active Query Builder is intended to build SQL queries. This means that working with Active Query Builder you will get the SQL text in result. The component is also able to parse SQL queries and to represent them visually, to analyze them, etc. Practically it's like an SQL text editor: you may put a query into it and get it back after the editing.

After receiving the SQL query text from Active Query Builder, you may do whatever you want: save it to any structure for further use, execute or export data.

The next version will have ability to hide the design pane, so the user won't be able to modify the FROM part of the query visually. We expect this version to be available in 2-3 months.
Sergey Smagin | email
6 days, 17 hours since original post
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