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Character on migrated field (on trial version)

Hi, I tried this software with a Database in Oracle to MySql and when I check the fields with 12 characters in my MySQL database I have only 6 caracters. It is Ok on the trial version or not.

When you do the migrate it is possible to do a delete to. When I do the add or update if in Oracle my record is deleted after I migrate the record are in MySQL?

Thanks for your help and sorry for my english.
Claude | email
March 15 2012, 08:56 AM

We need some additional information about your problem:
1) What is the version of your Oracle database?
2) What is the version of your MySQL database?
3) What is the problem field type?
4) What connection type do you use to connecting to your Oracle database (ODCB, OLE DB Provider) ?

Our doesn't allow any data modification on the source database.

Alex Smirnov
Active Database Software
Alexander Smirnov | email
5 days, 5 hours since original post
The problem are resolve. The database character for my oracle are not set correctly.
Claude | email
1 week, 5 days since original post
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