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How do you localize AQB on an HTML Page using Active X Control

Using the AQB Active X Control, how do you set the language that it should be using? I see there is a language id property, but not sure where to specify this.
Kevin | email
March 20 2012, 04:58 PM
The main IActiveQueryBuilderX interface have property Localizer. Using such localizer object, you can set current language, enumerate built-in languages or add your own translation.
This is the short description of localizer object:
aqb.Localizer.Count - count of currently loaded languages
aqb.Localizer.CurrentLanguage - zero-based index of loaded languages used as current
aqb.Localizer.LanguageName[i] - description of i-th loaded language
aqb.Localizer.LoadLanguageFromFile - load new language from file and return its index in the list of loaded languages
Vitaly Sotnikov | email
1 day, 15 hours since original post
Yes, I have seen that in your help section. My question is in regards to using the Active X Control in a html page, where you do not have access to the object. Is there an attribute for assigning a language there?

<object id="qb" style="z-index: -1; left: 4px; width: 800px; top: 40px;" classid="clsid:C4C9F1E5-2E72-4B58-BA61-6D63730FB7C8" viewastext>
<param name="ConnectionString" value="">
<param name="Connected" value="0">

is there something like: <param name="CurrentLanguage" value="2">



Kevin | email
1 day, 19 hours since original post
You should use JavaScript to get access to the component's API:

function Localize() {
window.document.Form1.qb.Localizer.CurrentLanguage = 1;

Have a look at the HTML demo that included in the installation package (Demos/HTMLDemo folder). There you may find samples of accessing component's API from HTML.
Sergey Smagin | email
2 days, 7 hours since original post
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