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We are having to investigate using AQB with Pervasive SQL. I see that we have three options:

1. Use ODBC
2. Use OLEDB
3. Use native Pervasive .net data provider

I have a couple of questions/issues/remarks about each option:

1. ODBC is fully working but it's ODBC!

2. OLEDB fails with the error 'The Foreign_Keys OleDbSchemaGuid is not a supported schema by the 'PervasiveOLEDB' provider.' when calling RefreshMetadata(). Is that a bug/limitation of their OLEDB provider?


Dim connection As New OleDbConnection

connection.ConnectionString = "Provider=PervasiveOLEDB;Location=ServerName;Data Source=DEMODATA"

Dim QueryBuilder1 As New QueryBuilder()

QueryBuilder1.MetadataProvider = New OLEDBMetadataProvider
QueryBuilder1.SyntaxProvider = New SQL92SyntaxProvider
QueryBuilder1.MetadataProvider.Connection = connection


A Pervasive trial can be downloaded from http://www.pervasivedb.com/psqlv11/Pages/Default.aspx.

3. If we wanted to use the native Pervasive .net data provider, would be have to implement a custom metadataprovider? If so, is a metadataprovider simple to implement and do you have any examples?

Thanks in advance, Simon.

Simon Miles | email
July 2 2012, 08:05 AM
Dear Simon,

Sorry for the late response. For faster reponses please submit a request instead of posting to the forum.

The error means that this functionality is not supported by OLE DB Provider.

There's a Universal metadata provider that accepts any DBConnection descendant objects. If it doesn't help you, you may fill the metadata container programmatically: have a look at the Load Metadata demo to find code samples.

We have plans to implement support of Pervasive .net data provider and Pervasive syntax in a few months.
Sergey Smagin | email
4 days, 7 hours since original post
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